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"Chris Trueman BA (Hons), MA set up this site in 2000 as he felt there was no easily accessible and comprehensive website on World History on the web. The site has grown in popularity and is now viewed by hundreds of thousands of people each month from around the world."
Duke University's History of Medicine digital collections.
Modern era medicine 1990-
Catholic Encyclopedia.
History of Medicine Online e-journal.


Directories of Web Sites
University of Pittsburgh Medical School’s links to web sites.
Medical Library Association’s History of Health Sciences’ directory of links.
Selected Internet resources.


Overview of the History of Medicine
A history of medicine from ancient to modern times.
“History of Medicine.” Catholic Encyclopedia.
History of the health sciences links most frequently used at the reference desk of the New York Academy of Medicine and the National Library of Medicine.


Ancient Medicine: Recorded Time – 499 A.D.
Asclepion, a World Wide Web page devoted to the study of ancient medicine. This page was designed to be an internet source that presents the study of ancient medicine in a manner that is both accessible and useful to the general public and to students in the history of medicine courses at Indiana University Bloomington.
Ancient Greek medicine from the National Library of Medicine.
An on-line exhibition prepared in conjunction with the Colloquium "Antiqua Medicina: Aspects in Ancient Medicine" From Homer to Vesalius.
History of Islamic Medicine from the International Institute of Islamic Medicine.
Ancient Islamic medicine.


Medieval Medicine: 500 – 1450 A.D.
Medieval Islamic Medicine.
Medicine in the 13-16th centuries: Universities, Hospitals, Anatomical Revolution.


Early Modern Medicine: 1451 – 1600 A.D.
Late Medieval and Early Modern Medicine.


Paracelsus and the Medical Revolution of the Renaissance.


Modern Medicine: 1601 – Present
Health and medicine during the Sacramento Gold Rush Era.
Victorian medicine.
This activity shows how doctors over this century would have handled the same afflictions. All you have to do is complain to the doctor, then see how he or she responds.


Web Sites
4000 Years of Women in Science
Features biographical information of over 100 women inventors, scholars, writers, mathematicians and astronomers throughout recorded history.
American Academy of Achievement
“Since 1961, these generation-spanning forums have allowed exceptional students to interact one-on-one with Nobel Prize-winners in the arts and sciences, world-renowned public servants, crusading journalists, intrepid explorers of our planet and outer space, revered humanitarians, world champion athletes, legendary figures of stage and screen, and countless others who represent the pinnacle of achievement in their respective fields.”
American Association for the History of Nursing - Nonprofit, education, and government websites relevant to nursing history.
Biography Center: Biographies on the Internet. Biography Center searches a variety of resources for biographical information. Be certain the source is appropriate. Type in person’s name and run search.
The Biography Channel’s site provides short biographies of famous and influential people.
Changing the Face of Medicine – the National Library of Medicine:Biographies of female physicians.

Distinguished Women of Past and Present: Provides links to biographies of pre-20th and 21st century persons who contributed to the field of medicine.
Eric Weisstein's World of Science is written and maintained by the author as a public service for scientific knowledge and education. Short biographical entries for men and women of science.

Invent Now Hall of Fame. Biographies of inventors – some medical innovators
“The purpose of this site is to help students, parents and teachers with their science fair assignments. We offer topics, ideas, experiments, resources and sample projects by academic level: primary school, elementary school, middle school and high school.” Provides links to medical biographies.
Major Figures in the History of Medicine from the Reynolds Historical Library.
A list of some of the most important figures in the history of medicine. Through the discoveries and innovations of these people, one can trace the advancements in medicine throughout the ages.
Midwifery, Nursing, and Obstetrics Manuscript Collections at NLM:A Subject Guide US National Library of Medicine.
National Women's Hall of Fame:Provides biographies of notable women, some of whom are/were medical professionals.
Peer Curricula: Story Time: Discover the lives of scientists.
“Explore the lives and accomplishments of important scientists! From ordinary childhoods to extraordinary discoveries, find out what you might have in common with these famous scientists!”
Profiles in Science:
“This site celebrates twentieth-century leaders in biomedical research and public health. It makes the archival collections of prominent scientists, physicians, and others who have advanced the scientific enterprise available to the public through modern digital technology.”
A Science Odyssey: People and Discoveries: Medicine and Health.Medical biographies and innovations
“Who2 is an encyclopedia of famous people. We research and write profiles of real people, fictional characters, and some figures (like Robin Hood) who may be either. We also profile celebrities who aren't people, like Ham the Chimp and Hal 9000.” 
“ is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms. It is our ambition to present a complete survey of all medical phenomena named for a person, with a biography of that person.”
Google. Type in the person’s name followed by biography (i.e. “Virginia Apgar” biography - yields about 580 results some of which will be useful). For information from educational institutions, such as papers and articles, type the person’s name biography (i.e. “Virginia Apgar” biography or to retrieve images, click on the image tab and enter the name.
Google Books: Get free online books or book chapters from Google. Click on the Full view books  button and type in the person’s name “Clara Barton” in the search field.
Google Scholar: access scholarly articles and books, some full text and free. Type in person’s name in search field (i.e. "Virginia Apgar").

PubMed offers free articles on the topic of medical biography.
Place limits on your search: only items with links to free full text, English, History of Medicine.


Online Encyclopedias
Encyclopedia Britannica Online: Limited free access. Establish a free trial with credit card.
Links to short biographies of female physicians.

The History of Medicine. The history of medicine and major medical inventions.
By defintion, medicine is the science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease and damage to the body or mind. A medical invention would be any instrument, machine, implant, or similar article that is useful in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease, for example: the thermometer, artificial heart, or a home pregnancy test.
Medical Inventions and Discoveries Christchurch City Libraries, New Zealand.
Medical Discoveries features over 200 entries on medical and dental inventions and discoveries that have had a great impact on health throughout the world from fluoride treatments to AIDS therapies as well as the people responsible for them. Written in nontechnical language, Medical Discoveries explores medical practices such as acupuncture, significant developments in research such as chemotherapy, and instrumentation such as X-ray machines that have profoundly changed the way diseases are diagnosed and people are treated. Each Medical Discoveries entry, whether on a well-known discovery or a lesser-known invention, identifies the person behind the breakthrough, explores the knowledge and technology that led to it, and explains how the advance changed the world in which we live.
Osborn, Tracey. “Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History: Inventors.”
What is the greatest medical milestone? The British Medical Journal is launching a competition to decide the greatest medical breakthrough.

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