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Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the required credits for graduation at Lansdale School of Business.  Transfer students must also complete a minimum of 50 percent of the division and concentration requirements at Lansdale School of Business.  Receiving transfer credits will not necessarily reduce the total length of time needed to complete a program of study.


Students who have received 50% of their credits from transfer credits are not eligible to earn additional credits through credit-by-exams.  Students who have less than 50% of their credits transferred from another institution or program at Lansdale School of Business may earn additional credits through credit-by-exams, not to exceed 50% of the total credits required for their program of study.


Students who opt to take a course, in which they received a transfer credit, or credit-by-exam credits, will not receive double credit.  Students who opt to take a course even though they earned a transfer credit or credit-by-exam, will have the grade earned for the course taken calculated in the student’s grade point average.  All credits that are transferred or earned by a credit-by-exam are counted as classes completed and as credits attempted.


It is the student’s responsibility to provide official sealed transcripts to the Executive Director.  Normally, no transfer credits will be awarded after the end of the student’s first semester (two sessions) at Lansdale School of Business.  Students should not take a course that is scheduled for which they have requested a transfer of credit.  They should see the Academic Dean or Student Services and request a schedule change.


Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions

Lansdale School of Business considers credits for transfer from accredited business schools, colleges, and universities. Credits are considered for transfer provided the courses are similar in objectives and content to those offered at LSB and the letter grade (or equivalent) of the course is “C” or better. Transcripts submitted to meet entrance requirements by transfer students are evaluated by the Executive Director. The transcript will be evaluated officially only after the applicant has been formally admitted to the school. Transfer credits awarded are not calculated in the student's GPA.


Earned academic credits from accredited schools that did not result in a terminal degree cannot be over ten years old to qualify for transfer. However, any credits over ten years old that were used to complete a degree and are deemed appropriate by the Executive Director may be considered.


Transfer credits may not be earned while enrolled as a LSB student, except when special circumstances would warrant a waiver of this policy by the Executive Director.  An example of when a waiver might be granted would be for a student who was near completion of his/her program of study and the student moved from the area, or entered the armed forces.  The student would have to be in good academic standing and close to completing their program of study at Lansdale School of Business.

  • An official transcript of the student’s course work must be furnished directly by the institution where the course work was completed and application for transfer credit can be evaluated.
  • The credits must have been earned in courses offered at an accredited institution acceptable to Lansdale School of Business.
  • A grade of “C” or “2.0” or higher must be designated to each course completed to be eligible for transfer.  Only courses in which credit has been designated with grades assigned will be considered for transfer.  No grades of a pass or fail are eligible for transfer.
  • No more than 50% of the credits necessary to complete your program from Lansdale School of Business will be accepted.
  • Any Questions about transfer of credits/clock hours should be discussed with the Academic Dean of The Executive Director.


Transfer of Credit to Other Institutions

Information concerning other schools which may accept LSB credits toward their programs can be obtained by contacting the Student Services Office. However, Lansdale School of Business does not guarantee transferability of credits to any other college, university, or institution. Any decision on the comparability, appropriateness, and applicability of credits and whether they should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution. It should not be assumed that any courses or programs described in this catalog can be transferred to another institution.

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