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Philosophy & Objectives

Lansdale School of Business is a private coeducational institution dedicated to offering practical career education in allied health, business administration, computer technologies, and massage therapy to promote the occupational competence, professional awareness, and personal growth of its students. Lansdale School of Business assists students in selecting the career paths best suited to their goals and interests. In order to prepare students for entry into a successful career, LSB offers Diploma and Associate in Specialized Business Degree programs. Rapid changes in the workplace require greater skills, knowledge, and proficiencies for our students to be successful. Lansdale School of Business is dedicated to training our students to meet the challenges they will encounter upon graduation.Lansdale School of Business adheres to the following objectives:

• Provide specialized training in each program for specific employment skills in the student’s chosen program of study.

• Provide general education courses that are designed to enable students to become socially aware as members of their communities.

• Provide relevant curricula and offer a positive learning environment.

• Provide qualified instructors who teach and inspire their students.

• Provide continual evaluation of individual courses and programs.

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