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Placement and Career Advising
The Student Services Office also assists graduates and students about to graduate with employment placement assistance. Career advising and placement  is offered to all Lansdale School of Business graduates. Career advising includes defining career goals, exploring employment opportunities, helping with resume creation/critique, setting up mock interviews, and/or opening a placement credential file.

The Student Services Department serves all students who are graduates of diploma and associate degree programs in need of full-time positions. The Student Services Department will also assist students desiring part-time employment. Although the securing of positions cannot be guaranteed, every avenue is pursued to assist the student in obtaining desirable employment. The department advises students regarding their employment needs and takes great care to match a student’s talents and interests with a career in which he or she can succeed. Helpful advising and instruction in the techniques of applying and interviewing for jobs is given before graduation.LSB enjoys an excellent reputation among local employers. Positions are usually available in all types of business and professional offices, offering a variety of opportunities. For well-trained graduates, the demand usually exceeds the supply.


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