Specialized Associate Degree Programs

To achieve the curriculum goals and objectives, the Specialized associate degree programs have been divided into four separate components. The centerpiece of the academic program is the core curriculum. This consists of 18 credits of courses which the institution has determined is critical to successful employment in the fields of study offered and is required of all Specialized associate degree graduates.An additional 16 credits of general education courses are required in order to provide a well-rounded curriculum for all graduates. Eight of these credits are specific in requirement with the remaining eight being comprised of any remaining general education courses, one of which must be a psychology course. All general education courses are identified with an asterisk in the course description section of the catalog.An additional 4 credits are maintained as division requirements. These courses are the same for all Specialized associate degree programs within the division.The remaining 32 credits are allocated to specific requirements of the program. These courses are designed to provide skills and knowledge directed to success in the program of study.

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs are 30, 40 or 42 credits and consist mostly of concentration courses.

Applicable to All Programs

Some programs contain a component called related course requirements.  This requirement can be satisfied by any other course in the LSB catalog for which the student has had any required pre-requisite courses. The Academic Dean guides the student in making a choice that will best satisfy the student’s personal or career goals. The final decision rests with the Academic Dean.

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