Admissions Requirements

Prospective students are encouraged to visit an LSB campus with a parent, guardian, or spouse for an admissions interview. Each applicant will participate in a career evaluation at their interview.

To qualify for acceptance, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. The applicant must be interviewed by an Admissions Representative.

2. The applicant must document by self-certifying his/her graduation from high school or his/her achievement of high school equivalency.

3. The applicant must complete on campus testing which will be administered to students to assist in determining the applicant’s readiness for school. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores may also be submitted to satisfy this criteria. The applicant may also provide evidence of successful completion of an accredited postsecondary program of study or other evidence that may satisfy these criteria subject to the approval of the school’s Acceptance Committee.

4. The student must read and sign the Student Disclosure Form.

5. Applicants enrolling in the Criminal Justice and Massage Therapy Programs are required to sign a written policy for criminal background checks. Students who have been convicted of a felony will not be accepted in these programs.

Acceptance is based upon applicants meeting the above requirements, a review of the applicant’s previous educational records, and an appraisal of the applicant’s career interests. Students who have failed to adequately meet certain requirements may be eligible for conditional acceptance. In order to gain conditional acceptance, a student must have the approval of the Acceptance Committee. The student will be closely monitored and advised during their first semester of classes. The student will be eligible for financial aid during this conditional period.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the required credits for graduation at Lansdale School of Business. Transfer students must also complete a minimum of 50 percent of the division and concentration requirements at Lansdale School of Business. Receiving transfer credits will not necessarily reduce the total length of time needed to complete a program of study. Individual courses taken as seminars offered through Lansdale School of Business will also be considered for transfer.

Students who have received 50% of their credits from transfer credits are not eligible to earn additional credits through credit-by-exams. Students who have less than 50% of their credits transferred from another institution or program at Lansdale School of Business may earn additional credits through credit-by-exams, not to exceed 50% of the total credits required for their program of study.

Students who opt to take a course, in which they received a transfer credit, or credit-by-exam credits, will not receive double credit. Students who opt to take a course even though they earned a transfer credit or credit-by-exam, will have the grade earned for the course taken calculated in the student’s grade point average.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide official sealed transcripts to the Executive Director. No transfer credits will be awarded after the end of the student’s first semester (two sessions) at Lansdale School of Business. Students should not take a course that is scheduled for which they have requested a transfer of credit. They should see the Academic Dean or Student Services Department and request a schedule change.

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