Computer Applications Specialist


A Computer Applications Specialist program graduate earns all-around skills for use in an almost infinitely varied number of office or business settings. Basic skills in keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and digital publishing/computer graphics allow this graduate to adapt to any office environment. An additional component, accounting, allows the graduate to fill a one person office position or fit in well with a larger office group. The computer literacy gained in this program also qualifies the graduate for a salary that is above average.

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Meet a Graduate

My time at Lansdale School of Business was such an amazing time that if I could do it again I would.  I loved all of my teachers and was thankful for having medical professionals that worked or still work within the field. I graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding Program as well as obtained my Associates Degree in Medical Office Management. I truly loved my time at LSB with everyone! 

Margaret Oscar ‘20

Associate in Specialized Business Degree

Office Operations Management