Network Administration


Computers and computer based technologies have spread so rapidly that virtually every workplace has a need for skilled highly trained workers to design and develop their complex systems.

Network Administrators use their knowledge and skills to solve complex computer problems. They plan and develop new computer systems and apply new software’s to existing systems to maximize the firm’s computer capabilities. Students who choose the Computer Technologies Network Administration program will study both business and scientific problems. They will learn the essentials of the networking field and be given the basic tools necessary to design new solutions using computers. Students enrolled in this program during the day should be aware that they will be required to attend evening classes for concentration requirements to complete the degree.

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Meet a graduate

I believe there are people out there who feel discouraged about new beginnings after raising a family, being out of school for so many years, or even after a hard life. I was one of those people. I wanted to finish what I started 16+ years ago but I didn’t know how to take the first step and then I found LSB. From the campus tour to the enrollment and financial process, everyone was kind, patient, and caring.

All staff members - librarian, main office, financial counselor, guidance counselor, etc. - provided a comfortable and safe environment throughout my time at LSB. It was an amazing journey in my life and I will always be grateful!


Julia Lopez ‘20